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Legal Disputes - Wills and Trusts

Have you ever noticed? Sometimes it's one big happy and loving family... Right up until someone dies and leaves a lot of money.

Battles between beneficiaries or turmoil with a trustee can quickly boil over into a legal dispute.

That's when you need the Sowards Law Firm. Their San Jose trust and probate litigation lawyers will provide tenacious representation to trustees and beneficiaries.

Contesting a will often involves an accusation of undue influence , or elder abuse. Think- someone who cuts his or her kids out of the will in favor of a daily caretaker.

Other grounds for contesting a will may include:

  • incapacity
  • misrepresentation
  • fraud
  • improper execution
  • or forgery

Challenging a trust generally occurs when there are questions about the validity of the trust or whether the trustee is acting in the best interest of the trust beneficiaries.

Litigation to remove a trustee may result from a case of theft or fraud, questions about how the trust assets are distributed, or it may be as simple as not keeping beneficiaries informed.

If a family feud has erupted into a legal dispute over a will or trust, you need an experienced attorney who can serve your interest.

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I really appreciate the time spent in explaining the process of preparing a Living Trust; the professionalism and friendliness of everyone! I also appreciate the presentation of the materials both binder/print and soft copies. I highly recommend Sowards Law Firm. Karen O'Brien
Ben and team recently helped us with a new estate plan. Their service was timely, thorough, and very professional. They patiently explained concepts we were unfamiliar with. We were very satisfied and recommend their firm without hesitation. Brian Giambattista
Ben was very professional & knowledgeable when tailoring the needs of my end of life documents. I have utmost confidence in his abilities and have no hesitation recommending him for estate management. Janet Burks Giambattista