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Estate Planning - Funding Your Trust

A trust is one of the most powerful estate planning tools you can have, but unless you *fund your trust, you are still leaving a lot of work for your successor trustees and beneficiaries after you are gone.

A properly funded trust makes the entire estate settlement process quicker and easier on everyone.

Funding a trust involves transferring assets into it. It's as straightforward as changing the titles on your accounts. Instead of your home or bank account being titled in your name, it should be titled in the name of your trust.

That way there is no need for court involvement upon your death or incapacity.

It can be more challenging if you have multiple homes or several accounts, which is why a california trust and estate planning attorney like ben sou-ards is a smart investment.

Ben and his team can ensure your living or irrevocable trust is properly created, and funded - allowing your assets to pass to your heirs without going through probate.

Funding your trust requires specific legal paperwork. You will need to take a look at everything you own and consider what assets to place in the trust.

Ben Sowards can guide you through the process. Then you can work as a team to prepare all the legal documents needed to transfer your assets .

Luckily, california has a process to use a "pour over will" to transfer assets into the trust after you are gone, but that typically can cost more than $10,000.

Take the time to do things right and work with the attorneys at sowards law firm to set up your trust and then make sure it is properly funded while you are alive.

They provide so much love to us, shouldn't we do everything we can to provide for them... After we are gone? Call estate attorney Ben Sowards today or visit