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Estate Planning Awareness Week is Here! Preparing for Coronavirus: The #1 Legal Document Every Adult Needs to Have The Importance of a Will Establish a Trust to Pass Wealth and Family Values on to Your Children Estate Planning for Blended Families Planning for When Your Special Needs Child Turn 18 The Potential Outcomes of Disinheriting a Child How Artificial Intelligence Is Changing Caregiving for Seniors How Do I Know if I Need Probate? The Importance of Keeping Your Powers of Attorney Up-to-Date An Elder Law Attorney Will Help Guide You Through the Estate Planning Process How Do I Know if I Need Probate? Prenuptial Agreements Are Appropriate at Any Age Add a Personal Property Memorandum to Your Will or Trust Who Should Inherit the Farm? Avoid These Mistakes When Planning for a Disabled Family Member You Have a Will, but Is That Enough? Managing Your Estate as an Entrepreneur The Various Ways to Hold Title to Property The Five Common Mistakes Made in Estate Planning Don’t Let Your Family Feud End up in Court Larry King’s Sad Legacy Being There for a Loved One Who Is in a Nursing Home Think Twice About Do-It-Yourself Estate Plans The Silver Lining in a Pandemic The Aging Process and Sleep Problems This Month is Brain Injury Awareness Month An Overview of Pet Trusts Here Are Six Steps You Should Take Before Moving Your Parents Into Assisted Living Overmedicating Those With Alzheimer’s Disease Can Lead To Serious Side Effects Improve Your Home to Age in Place A Creditor’s Ability to Disrupt Probate Options for Long-Term Care in 2022 The Process of Claiming Guardianship of an Elderly Parent Managing the Financial Needs of Children With Special Needs Geriatric Care Managers Are in Greater Demand There Are Times When Giving Is Better Than Receiving Probate Litigation: How to Avoid It Taking Special Needs Into Account When Planning Your Estate Financial Abuse and Fraud Among the Elderly Having an Estate Planning Discussion with Your Spouse or Partner Waivers for Nursing Facility Care in the Home Under Medicaid Digital Estate Planning: How to Avoid 4 Obstacles Understanding the 2022 COVID-19 National Preparedness Plan The Guide to Contesting a Will How Community Property Affects Estate and Tax Planning Summary of a Trustee's Role Revocable Trusts: An Overview Prepare, Don’t Wait for an Emergency Elder Law Attorney: What Do They Do? Aduhelm Medications Are Effective at Treating Alzheimer’s Disease Providing Long-Term Care: A Dilemma of Affordability 8 Tips for Having 'The Talk' with Elderly Parents Estate Planning After Divorce Who Are Parties to an Estate? California Removing Asset Test for Medi-Cal Eligibility Don't Forget to Fund Your Revocable Trust What Will Happen When the Gift and Estate Tax Exemption Gets Cut in Half? Planning for Your Digital Legacy 3 Tips When Including Caregivers in Your Estate Plan How Long Does an Executor's Job Take? How Cryptocurrency and NFTs Fit Into Your Estate Plan After a Dementia Diagnosis: Preparing for the Future 5 Rights That Trust Beneficiaries Have How to Deal with an Estranged Child in Your Estate Plan 5 Smart Estate Planning Strategies for High Net Worth Families Make Reviewing Your Estate Plan One of Your New Year's Resolutions Leaving an IRA to a Special Needs Trust Is No Longer Such a Bad Idea 5 Estate Planning Tips for the Non-Traditional Family (Which Odds Are Includes Yours) How an Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust Can Be Used to Avoid or Reduce the Estate Tax Does Medicare Pay for Assisted Living? When Should You Start Helping With Your Parents' Finances? How To Avoid Problems as a Trustee Step-Up in Basis and Why It Matters in Estate Planning Probate v. Non-Probate: What is the Difference? Tailoring a Will & Power of Attorney for Multiple States What Happens to Assets Left in a Special Needs Trust (SNT) on the Death of the Beneficiary? Start 2023 Prepared: Reassess What Matters Most How to Give Gifts to Your Grandchildren Does Power of Attorney End at Death? How to Choose the Best Home Care Provider for Your Parents This Tax Season, Seniors Can Get Free Assistance Are Wills Public Record? : Estate Planning Q&A Can I Have Both Employer Insurance and Medicare? Appointing an Executor? Here's What an Executor Cannot Do Don't Wait Until You're Sick to Create an Estate Plan 2023 AARP Report Recommends Supports for Family Caregivers Is Aging in Place Right for Me? Using a Roth IRA as an Estate Planning Tool Why Hire an Elder Law Attorney? The Basics of Estate Administration 6 Facets of Estate Planning that LGBTQ+ Couples Should Know What is a Life Estate?: Estate Planning Basics When Should I Include a Pour Over Will in My Estate Plan? 3 Common Probate Questions: Estate Planning Basics Medicare Extra Help Program Set to Expand in 2024 Watch Out for These Potential Problems with Life Estates Inherited Retirement Accounts: Minimizing Tax Consequences 3 Tips for Prepping for Medicare Annual Enrollment 2023 Ashes to Ashes, or Ashes to Soil? Is Human Composting Real? The Benefits of Continuing Care Retirement Communities Using 529 Plans for a Grandchild's Higher Education Do You Need a Trust?: Estate Planning Q&A Do You Need a HIPAA Release? 2024 Annual Gift and Estate Tax Exemption Adjustments 14 Essential Questions to Ask Aging Parents This Holiday What Does Incapacitated Mean in Elder Law & Estate Planning? Estate Planning for Surviving Spouses 10 Ways to Maximize Your Social Security Retirement Benefits AI and Obituaries: Did AI Write This Death Announcement? Building an Estate Plan for Adult Children with Disabilities Avoiding Property Tax Foreclosures for Older Adults Are You a Family Caregiver? New Bill Seeks to Lower Costs Lifetime Money Management for Children With Disabilities Estate Planning - Should I Divide My Assets Equally?
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I really appreciate the time spent in explaining the process of preparing a Living Trust; the professionalism and friendliness of everyone! I also appreciate the presentation of the materials both binder/print and soft copies. I highly recommend Sowards Law Firm. Karen O'Brien
Ben and team recently helped us with a new estate plan. Their service was timely, thorough, and very professional. They patiently explained concepts we were unfamiliar with. We were very satisfied and recommend their firm without hesitation. Brian Giambattista
Ben was very professional & knowledgeable when tailoring the needs of my end of life documents. I have utmost confidence in his abilities and have no hesitation recommending him for estate management. Janet Burks Giambattista